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Bamboo Resort In New Bataan, What Happen To It Now?

I’d been to New Bataan last year, and though they have a very simple living there, I could see that the town is slowly booming. There are few establishments already that a traveller could enjoy. The school that my daughter was staying as she was one of the delegates for DAVRAA even had a WiFi spot. I always used their connection so I could blog a bit.

When we were there, my friends were able to enjoy the Bamboo Resort. I was not able to stay any longer because I had to go back home since we’d been there for one week already and I was already too antsy to go home to see my youngest daughter.


My friend said the resort was truly nature amazing. The water was so cold and everyone could enjoy splashing.


I wonder what happen to the resort right now. I should have stayed a bit longer to enjoy the water,  sigh!

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