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Desiring Headphones This Time

My nephew is also a music lover in fact he has this kind of headphones he is using every day. He even brought that here once and Mj who is also a music lover is envious of her cousin has. She even asked me the same headphone on her birthday; I mean she is contemplating between a bike and a headphone. She is making a canvass of  krk headphones over the Internet and she excitedly told me she found one. I even asked her if she is really decided to buy a headphone and not the other and she told me she did not yet. Oh well, let’s next week if she can make up her mind, obviously she is confused of what she would become, a sporty teen or should she continue of her being a music lover.

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The Tubbataha Reef Is In Danger

Tubbataha reef is located in the Sulu Sea in the Philippines, it is about 181 Km southeast from Puerto Prinsesa in Palawan. Tubbataha Natural Park is one of the new 7 wonders of nature.  The Coral reefs to develop again could take years and years when it is damaged. It said that the property is a home for marines’ life, this includes whales, sharks, and turtles are found visiting on this island. This is also the best example for pristine reefs. Tubbataha reef is also the oldest ecosystem of the Philippines. It is the natural laboratory when it comes to reef formation. The reefs support 374 species of corals, 11 species of cetaceans, 11 species of sharks and 479 or more species of fish and that includes the Napolion wrasse. But I guess the beauty of the park would fade if the US Navy Ship would stay longer in the area, the ship is said to get stuck in the area because of an engine problem yet until now they didn’t take it out. The suggestion for taking the 68 meter ship out of the area is to lift and not to drag for the safety of the corals and reefs. The longer the boat would stay in the tubbataha reef the more it could cause damage and could be worsen every day. There is no estimate yet of how much the US government should pay for  the total damage but one thing for sure, the US government should take the ship out of the area as long as possible to avoid further damage of the reefs.

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Due To Heavy Rains

 photo 397450_586078654740505_1433169092_n_zpse1e3787e.jpg

Photo was taken here:

Just snag this picture in FB. As I mentioned yesterday most areas are flooding here in our place. The picture above is the Davao River and yes it is almost reached up to the bridge already. The residence who leaves near the river were asked to evacuate immediately. Though no casualties were reported but of course many families were very affected with the said flood.

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It Was Once A River

It has been raining since Saturday night, and yesterday obviously it flooded in most areas, where flooding is prone. Jade Valley was the most that suffered with the heavy rains the other night. We all know that the area is in lower level but what I didn’t expect is when I found out that the Jade Valley is once a river. Jade Valley Subdivision, Jullivelie and Sitio Tigatto were built on Oxbow lakes.

Oxbow Lakes are formed when a river creates a meander. Meander is formed when the moving water in the stream erodes to the outer banks and widens its valley. The meander becomes much curved and eventually this meander becomes narrower, and will cut through the neck when it’s time of flooding then it will formed an oxbow lake.

And that’s what happens to Jade Valley, the river as they take the shorter route to Jade Valley once, and since it is previously where the river was, the water would go back there from time to time and because of its channel migration the river would go back to its floodplain. Therefore, they should not put up subdivisions there in the first place because it is the playground of the river.

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