If We Are Using Firecrackers To Welcome The New Year, Be Very Careful

I am just so thankful that here in our city, our Mayor does not allow firecrackers or even fireworks. Because if he would allow it, I am sure there will also be more casualties for New Year just like in Manila. It saddened me so much when I heard about the 4 years old died because of it so if I will be asked where would I live for the rest of my life; I would certainly choose my city. I just hope that the city will continually have this kind of campaign every holiday. I guess our city is the only place that has the zero casualties for firecrackers victims during New Year. I remember when I first heard fire crackers and realized what was it all about, I was so scared and worried, I thought that we were already attacked by some people out there and we had to hide. I was only 4 years old when I heard noise of firecrackers, I was awakened by its noise and I found out that my sisters were not beside me, my father was on the other room sleeping, I was not able to go back to sleep because of the noise. I thought my sisters were captured or something, when my Dad finally got up to go to the comfort room, I called him and informed him that my sisters were not on bed. My father then told me that they went to church to welcome the New Year, I asked him about the noise and he said it was only firecrackers.

I guess we could not stop some people to use firecrackers during New Year but I just hope they are careful to use it though especially when kids are around. And should never they used a gun to welcome the New Year because the bullet would certainly fall and could victimized some residents inside the house or even outside. The people never learned though, you won’t believe it that there are more casualties this year than of last year. I guess we are lacking of campaign or advertisement in the TV the risk of it when we are not very careful.

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  1. TracyAnn0312 says:

    I do agree with what you have said. Well it is really important to be careful these year.

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