In The Mall, We Choose The Same Gift

My friend and I made an agreement that we will be having exchange of gifts during Christmas but Christmas came and we were not able to do it because we were instantly busied ourselves buying gifts for our relatives and we were not able to make time for ourselves exchange of gifts. The other day, we went to the mall then to buy our gifts for each other, I informed her in FB that I was not able to buy her a gift yet and that she would go with me if I will buy one for her so at least she could receive what she really wants for Christmas. I didn’t know she thought the same thing, I will choose my own gift. We went to the mall together and went to bag section, her bag was already old but she still could use it though, mine was a bit newer than hers but it looks very old already so I thought it would be nice if she will just buy me a new bag, I didn’t expect she will choose also a bag for me to buy for her. I love the fur handbags I found online but yeah there is nothing like that in the mall. I am envy with those ladies in the states because they can have that and can buy it online. I know I can buy online too but I am worried of the shipping fees and scared if I would be the one to pay the charges. On the other note, I still love the bag I picked though, it has the lucky color for fashion for this year and I could not ask for nothing more. Maybe the fur bags would be included in my wish lists for the next holiday and have my husband buy it for me, let’s see if he would purchase one for me and if he does I surely would post it here.

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  1. TracyAnn0312 says:

    As usual, when you buy gifts at the mall there are times that you really have bought same gifts from the other giver.

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