Because Of The Non-Stop Rain In The City

Sigh, we supposed to go out this morning to go to an island near in the city but the friend of my sister drove out of town so early. It is raining so hard since this morning due to LPA, I thought there will be an announcement to cancel the classes today but it didn’t so I woke the kids up to prepare for their school. I was so ready to go out of town after I prepare breakfast.  I have my camera ready to take some views of the island and I even took a bath so early but it was cancelled. LOL I was also looking forward to be the passenger once more since the friend of my sister will be the one driving her car.  Anyway, I know I will be visiting the island again, who knows we will be going to a beach there on the birthday of my daughter this month. The rains cancelled our visiting to the island, Pahamak na rain! I guess I am stuck at home today and since I will be staying home, let the rains pour so I will have a nice nap later.

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  1. TracyAnn0312 says:

    Well we cannot stop the rain but it seems that we can’t fight the natural resources.

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