Post Holiday Activity In Apo View Hotel

After New Year, my friend and I including Mj went to Apo View Hotel for swimming. I dragged Mj with me since it has been a while that she was not able to swim and I know so well that she already missed swimming. And since we have our passes to the pool, we went to the Diamond Club Desk first so we can get a stamp for our ticket. It was a gloomy day, no sun came out so we were so excited then only to find out that the water in the pool is so cold. Oh well at first, I guess the establishment does not have heater on their pool or do they have to put heather in every pool here, I guess not though but I wonder why their water is cold unlike at the other pool that we visited mostly their water is warm.


This is me and my friend, striking a pose in the water. It is an outdoor pool, so we can feel the cool breeze of the wind.


After dipping in the pool, I called it dipping since I really don’t swim, oh well I don’t know how to swim only my daughter does, we went to Café Josefina to have a cup of coffee, Mj ordered a hot milk, which she loves the most. We also had a bite of their carrot cake. We spent talking at the coffee shop, it was still raining though and yeah until now. I hope the rain stops so the kids are having easy trip on the road on their way to school.


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  1. TracyAnn0312 says:

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