Villa Amparo Garden Resort

Last weekend I was invited by a friend for a beach party, what excites me was that the beach resort is not familiar to me at all. So I thought it is really nice because it is highly recommended by a friend as well who went with us there. I was not wrong because the moment I stepped my foot to the resort, it meets me more my expectation. It was so beautiful, I never regretted that I said yes to the invitation.

 photo HPIM0074_zps2de27397.jpg

This picture is near the entrance, our cottage was placed on a man made stone island or a stone pier.

 photo HPIM0092_zpscf1f3169.jpg

The cottage that we got was cost P800.00 because it is big. But if you like to have this kind of cottage for only four people perhaps, you may want to take this cottage for P200.00

 photo HPIM0075_zps1e1d41ea.jpg

Now this was our cottage for P800.00. This is not bad at all right? I mean for 10 or more people, this spacious cottage would be big enough for the entire family.

 photo HPIM0095_zpsfe8207ff.jpg

Now if  you are in the mood for romance, this spot is a perfect place to propose to your long time girlfriend, or just a simple date. The cool breeze of the air that would touches your skin could add up the ambiance.

 photo Mich35_zpsb594e0e2.jpg

The causeway added to the beauty of the resort.

You may wonder what’s the name of the beach resort and where it is located? Oh well, it is located in Babak Samal and the name of the resort is Villa Amparo. You may want to message them on their FB. Here’s the link

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  1. Christine says:

    I’m dying to go to Villa Amparo Garden Beach Resort! I can go there alone and have my alone time. My problem is where to park my car in Sasa wharf. I don’t want to bring the cars since I’ll be paying 270 one way. And the parking area there is exclusive for Holiday resort only! Sigh..

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