It Was Once A River

It has been raining since Saturday night, and yesterday obviously it flooded in most areas, where flooding is prone. Jade Valley was the most that suffered with the heavy rains the other night. We all know that the area is in lower level but what I didn’t expect is when I found out that the Jade Valley is once a river. Jade Valley Subdivision, Jullivelie and Sitio Tigatto were built on Oxbow lakes.

Oxbow Lakes are formed when a river creates a meander. Meander is formed when the moving water in the stream erodes to the outer banks and widens its valley. The meander becomes much curved and eventually this meander becomes narrower, and will cut through the neck when it’s time of flooding then it will formed an oxbow lake.

And that’s what happens to Jade Valley, the river as they take the shorter route to Jade Valley once, and since it is previously where the river was, the water would go back there from time to time and because of its channel migration the river would go back to its floodplain. Therefore, they should not put up subdivisions there in the first place because it is the playground of the river.

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