Desiring Headphones This Time

My nephew is also a music lover in fact he has this kind of headphones he is using every day. He even brought that here once and Mj who is also a music lover is envious of her cousin has. She even asked me the same headphone on her birthday; I mean she is contemplating between a bike and a headphone. She is making a canvass of  krk headphones over the Internet and she excitedly told me she found one. I even asked her if she is really decided to buy a headphone and not the other and she told me she did not yet. Oh well, let’s next week if she can make up her mind, obviously she is confused of what she would become, a sporty teen or should she continue of her being a music lover.

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  1. TracyAnn0312 says:

    I think that your daughter is just like that. Well teenagers got jealous sometimes, we must give them enough value too.

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