The Tubbataha Reef Is In Danger

Tubbataha reef is located in the Sulu Sea in the Philippines, it is about 181 Km southeast from Puerto Prinsesa in Palawan. Tubbataha Natural Park is one of the new 7 wonders of nature.  The Coral reefs to develop again could take years and years when it is damaged. It said that the property is a home for marines’ life, this includes whales, sharks, and turtles are found visiting on this island. This is also the best example for pristine reefs. Tubbataha reef is also the oldest ecosystem of the Philippines. It is the natural laboratory when it comes to reef formation. The reefs support 374 species of corals, 11 species of cetaceans, 11 species of sharks and 479 or more species of fish and that includes the Napolion wrasse. But I guess the beauty of the park would fade if the US Navy Ship would stay longer in the area, the ship is said to get stuck in the area because of an engine problem yet until now they didn’t take it out. The suggestion for taking the 68 meter ship out of the area is to lift and not to drag for the safety of the corals and reefs. The longer the boat would stay in the tubbataha reef the more it could cause damage and could be worsen every day. There is no estimate yet of how much the US government should pay for  the total damage but one thing for sure, the US government should take the ship out of the area as long as possible to avoid further damage of the reefs.

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  1. TracyAnn0312 says:

    I have heard it from the news. Maybe because these is a human act when they were fishing. Using dynamites is quite prohibited to any regions.

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