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We Are Staying In A Hotel

I have promised my little girl that we will going to stay at the hotel on her birthday and thank GOD that I am a member of a Diamond Club in Apo View Hotel that I am able to avail 2 free nights and a discount if we have to dine at their restaurant. It was only like 3 days ago that I made a reservation and they accommodate me right away. It is really a nice feeling being treated like you are a VIP, which is why I always recommended this hotel for everyone to stay, it is not only affordable but the customer service is excellent.

So we are still here now, and since the bath rooms here have bath tubs, I thought that buying a bubble bath for the kids would be a good idea. And I was right because Faith and Mj has a good time soaking in a bath tub with bubble bath. Of course, I will be trying that as well right after I would finish this post.

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New Music Store

We are confused what to buy for a guitar for my eldest daughter since she would like to enrol guitar lesson this summer. When she was online last night here in the hotel, she browses some online store that sells music instruments; she was able to check a new music store online, when I checked it. It was even affordable. My husband was still in the orientation so I was not able to tell him but this morning I would surely will when he goes online. My daughter could not wait anymore for this summer. She is so excited to learn how to play guitar and some other music instrument.

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