Bring First Aid Kit On Your Vacation

There’s one thing I learned from our short getaway last weekend and that is to bring medicines or first aid kit. Because you don’t know when flu would strikes you, just like what happen to me the last night we stayed in the hotel. First, I thought it would be Faith could get flu since we all got wet when we had our dinner; we went crossed to the other restaurant so we can get to experience their foods there. Faith was even complaining, I was bothered so I ask my teens to buy a Paracetamol for Faith but they went back and said the mall nearby is already closed. I watched Faith while she sleeps and guard her if she would get a fever, thank goodness she was okay but later I woke up with flu. I could not breathe because I keep on sneezing. I wanted to go out to buy some medicines for me but it is so quiet already outside. So I just sat in front of my computer with a runny nose. I stayed in front of my computer for almost 2 hours, I planned to go out when the clock strikes 5:00 a.m., I am sure if there’s a 24 hours Pharmacy it is not scary already to go out. But I am already too sleepy at 4:00 a.m., and besides my flu subside.

So when you are out for a vacation especially when you are in a place you are not familiar with, it is really advisable to bring a first aid kit. Next time, when I travel hopefully on summer, I would surely bring some medicines for me.

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