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It is Tuesday and it is my schedule for me for this blog to post a picture. I know I took a picture of the scenery last weekend getaway but I just can’t forget this scenery when we went to Villa Amparo in Samal. It was the birthday of my friend who worked as a call center agent in CCT, she was my work mate before and I was so blessed because they didn’t forget to invite me on this special day. It was also my first time to step my foot at Villa Amparo so I didn’t let the chance away. I’ve met new friends as well and I so damned miss the life of a call center agent, on the other hand, here are some pictures I thought it’s a perfect captured.

 photo HPIM0321_zpsace44c33.jpg

My friend took this picture, it is so perfectly captured by my newly bought camera, I love the calm water in the back ground.

 photo HPIM0303_zps11bfbba3.jpg

I was the one who took this picture, everything is so simple yet very beautiful and it gives peace to the eye. If your life is in turbulence maybe you should see this sight, I am sure it would give peace to your mind and heart.

I have posted more pictures here, you may also want to know where to contact the Villa Amparo Garden Resort just visit that link, in the bottom you could find the link to their facebook page.

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