A Protection For Your Eyes

When you travel, especially if you travel by bus it is a must to wear sunglasses or Ray Bans, the wind or the dreading heat of the sun could make your eyes get tired and lousy. It could also protect you from any virus to get to your eyes.

I love wearing sunglasses or ray bans when I go out, this is a tropical country so wearing one is a must. There are times that I forgot to wear sunglasses and I am walking under the dreading heat of the sun, my eyes get red and tired. But some sunglasses I bought were easily damaged, the holder gets flipped easily so when I have the funds to buy the expensive one that has quality, I took the chance right away, now it has been like months, the sunglass I bought last year is still with me. If I have more extra, I would also definitely buy a ray ban.

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