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Man-Made Water Fall In The Hotel

I just love this man-made waterfall in the hotel; the waterfall is just near at the restaurant. Actually it was situated outside the restaurant. So when you are done having a sumptuous meal at the Entrée Restaurant in Apo View Hotel, this beautiful scenery is just waiting for you to see. You can just sit down at the bench in front of this man-made waterfall; you can stare at it and let your stress free. The sounds of the water would help you take your worries away.

 photo HPIM0210_zps81ba2bfe.jpg

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For All Time Season

My daughter and I love to sing even though the songs do not love us. That’s why last Christmas, I see to it that when we face the Christmas Eve we had a new microphone for singing, how I wished though that there is a classic microphone that is available at the mall but there’s none. So we just satisfied ourselves with the ordinary mic yet if ever I found that microphone I looked for, I would surely buy for it even though we already have one. Videoke is really our past time whenever we don’t have anything to do in the house; yes it is not only for occasion but for all time season.

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