I Will Never Miss The 76th Araw Ng Davao

I am so tired; I just arrived home from the farewell party of my youngest daughter at school. I know I have to gather some strength because by Saturday my eldest daughter and I will go to downtown to watch the Araw ng Davao parade. Yes, this Saturday marks the 76th Araw ng Davao, it’s getting older but it is definitely getting stronger. I don’t think I can live anywhere but Davao, I always love this city. Back to the topic, yes and two of my blogger friends will go to meet to watch the parade and roam around the city. I am sure the city will be colourful with all the floats and I would enjoy especially when there are participants from some of the provinces. It has been a while since the last time I saw a parade, and I will absolutely not to miss this one.

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