I Watched The Araw Ng Davao This Time

My friend messaged me right away when she was already on her way to our meeting place. Yes, after how many years of neglecting to watch the parade of Araw ng Davao, I was able to do the right thing now and push it through with my friends and my eldest daughter. Even though we were already over cooked with the dreading heat of the sun, we were still standing still taking some pictures for those who participated the parade. I saw one politician in the parade, which my friend ran to the front to take some pictures of him; I also saw some celebrities waving us and greet us warmly. Although the parade was a bit boring because the participants were asked to run already and not to walk from time to time, they even said it is not parade at all but a marathon. Although there are some flaws, I still enjoyed the event; of course I was with my two blogger friend and my eldest daughter. I could have brought my youngest daughter but I know so well she would not enjoy it and I will just hear her complain all throughout the parade so it was better to just leave her at home, it is for her own good too. Mj was almost collapsed because of the weather, good thing there was a police patrol parked nearby and I was able to ask if she could sit there for a while. The policeman instructed her to slant her feet instead of making it straight, and chin up a little so she would regain her strength. After we watched the parade, we all headed to the mall to have our lunch.

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