While She Waited For Me At The Mall

A week ago, Mj asked my permission if she could join her classmates in the bus going to SM Lanang during their graduation practice. Yes their commencement will be held in SMX at SM Lanang. I said yes since my car is not with us anymore, it has been in the shop a week ago already plus the SM Lanang is a bit far from our house, we would be late if I insist to send her to the venue besides the bus is free so we could save much. I planned to follow her there after their practice. Mj texted me when they finished their practiced, her 3 classmates were with her, since I was still on the way and I was just taking a jeepney, she messaged me all the time, where they were and where they are going to be. I am glad she has the initiative to inform me all the time. When I arrived at the mall, I saw her with her one classmate, she said the other two were already with their parents and the last one would be going to a restaurant for her parents too. I came just right on time for her; we roamed around the mall for a while since we don’t usually go to this mall on Sundays because it is obviously too far from where we live.

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