During Out Of Town Competitions

When Mj has her competition before especially when out of town, we always brought bottled water for her. Sometimes we used the bottle for how many days already and we just refill the water. I know expert says that it is not healthy because the bottle itself has substance that could harm the one who used it. If I knew about gatorade cooler before if it’s only available, we could have purchase it for her. It is nice because it can holds to 10 gallons so she won’t running back to me anymore to have it refill, she can just wait for her turn to swim. It is still vivid to my memory of our out of town competitions, after the competitions we would always roam around the city to find a nice spots to take a picture. One of her competitions, we went to Baguio to explore. It was a nice experience, because I didn’t expect that I could ever step foot to the summer capital of the Philippines. It is labeled as the Summer Capital because of its temperature, when we went there even it was too hot in the nearby cities, in Baguio Mj’s head was aching because of its coldness.

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