The First Time That She Traveled

My sister was so happy, the first time she traveled with her friends. She was very excited; she even packed lots of clothes even they only stayed there for two days. When they arrived at the place, they could not stay in the hotel because they are so thrilled with the travel spots around. So they did not waste even seconds of their time, they roamed around the place as soon as they put their bags in the hotel. They visited some tourist spots and even malls, my sister as she is known of her business, she would always look for something new in the printing world. She saw this kind of machine at one of the shop in the mall and she asked how it operates. She would hop one printer shop to another until she saw local business card printer in the ads and found it very amazing. She even told her friends if she only has enough budgets to buy those things for her printing business, she would do it. But her funds are only for their short getaway, so there is no way she can afford to spend a dime for her business back home, but even so, she never forgot to buy some presents for us when she went home after her trip.

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