To Be Alone Or To Have A Company

Do you like to travel alone? They said it is better to travel alone than to have a company with you because you can go to all the locations that you want to go to and experience with. You can follow your itinerary right without having a company to wait for. But being alone when you travel could be somewhat boring because you don’t have anyone to talk about and to share your viewpoint of the place. Although there are some flaws and hoes when you travel with a friend, first off will be at the airport, when she is late and you can’t board or checked-in because you have to wait for her. Then, second would be when you are ready to experience those travels spots in your itinerary but you can’t just go out because your company is still arranging her stuffs in her luggage, or she may could not find what she is looking for like the clothes, her blower and worst if she is still on her dreamland and you are already prepared for an adventure. So which one would you choose, to be alone or to have a company when you travel?

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