When We Were Doing The Procession Of The Way Of The Cross

I was so disappointed with myself when I was not able to wake up early at dawn yesterday; I missed the Procession of the Way of the Cross again. Later, I realized that I can still do the Procession in Shrine Hills, oh well by myself. I texted my sister Irenie if she can go with me at the station, she immediately said yes so at 4:00 p.m., we went to Shrine Hills. At 4:00 p.m. it was still so hot, good thing my sister brought an umbrella with her. I just don’t know how many kms or was it even reach up to km did we walked, the road was hilly that’s the hard part although the stations are a bit near to each other, so we didn’t notice the hilly road as we walked. I’ve seen a lot of things when we do the way of the cross; there were vendors who sell foods, bottled water, slippers, sandals, and accessories. So I bet if you will get hungry when you are doing the Procession of the Way of the Cross, you can just buy foods or some snacks as you approach for the next station. There’s bottled water when you feel thirsty and slippers if your slippers or sandals gave up when you walk. The only thing that I didn’t like is that there is a lady who was talking on her phone so loud while everyone is praying at the station, I wanted to tell her to minimize her voice but I just kept mum, I don’t want to begin a fight while I am doing my penitence.

Finally, we were already at the last station, I am smiling as we were able to achieve our goal and that is to finish the last station. One thing that saddened me there are the plastics that scattered on the ground. Where do they come from? At the first station, many vendors are selling candles, 14 candles for P20.00 and the candles were put into a plastic bag. At the last station, the people just threw all the plastic bags on the ground after putting the last candle in the last station. I told my sister, you could really tell that this is the last station because of the plastic bags. Mine? I put it in my pocket when I can’t find any garbage bin around.

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