Way Of The Cross At Shrine Hills

It was so hot during that day but it didn’t matter, no one can stop us to do a procession for way of the cross.

 photo HPIM0183_zps3b3c8bf8.jpg

This is approaching to the First Station, just look at the numbers of people doing the same Procession yet they ignore of the dreading heat of Mr. Sun. It was a test if how much more we can do a sacrifice.

 photo HPIM0185_zpsaea84692.jpg

We lit a candle before we say the Novena, just look how many candles are there, those were also the numbers of those who whispered a Novena.

 photo HPIM0189_zps4c57aa30.jpg

Finally Mr. Sun gave up, and showed us the beauty of the sky minus the not so much dreading warm.

 photo HPIM0195_zpsb3c3f004.jpg

And we offered a prayer for the last station. We also rested here for a while before heading out.


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