That Clearance Again

I went to NBI agency again to get another copy of clearance. The call center that I will be working for the next few days is requesting us to get an NBI clearance. The NBI clearance that I got last February will be for my travel abroad. So I request again another clearance for local employment, the process is the same as before, good thing now I went there not too early. At 8:30 a.m., I was still able to get a form to request a clearance. Again there is no renewal for NBI clearance this time, so that means if you are “HIT” the first time you get the clearance, you will be “HIT” forever and you can just claim the clearance after 15 working days. Before it was only 8 to 9 days but now it takes even longer. For me, I like the old process, because you can just renew your clearance even faster than this new policy, you just have to show your old clearance and they can print it right away. It is easy and convenient to those who would like to have their clearance, you don’t have to wait for like hundreds of numbers so you will be served, and you don’t have to go to the agency at the wee hours so you will get a form. They only accommodate like 450 applicants for a day, and those who would go there late will have to come again the next day and should be earlier.

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