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Hobbit House

My husband is planning to visit New Zealand, hoping it would realize this year. Of course I will be with him if he would ever travel, how I wish I will have vacation leaves at work already so I can go without any hassle and when I go back I still have work waiting for me. If ever I would visit New Zealand it would be my first travel outside the country and it would be my husband and I trip together. There’s only one thing I would like to see in New Zealand and that is the Hobbit house, how small it is and how a normal person could fit in that house. I watched the Hobbit movie online, in which I still did not finish until now because I got too busy, and I found the house very interesting. My husband likes the idea of living at NZ, oh well it would depend if how much would the house costs there. If ever we will decide I would definitely work again.

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