I was disappointed when I saw this garbage in the street at the last station when we had our way of the cross. The plastic cellophane was used for the candles that were purchase in the first station, 13 candles for 13 stations, and we put the candles in the plastic cellophane. I even told my sister that you would know that this is the last station because the plastic cellophane was thrown nearby. It is just so disappointing because they can actually put the plastic in their bags since if there is no garbage bin around. Sometimes if there is no officer to reprimand us, we can reprimand ourselves not to throw our garbage anywhere. Self-discipline can be applied; there is no space for those who are irresponsible at this time because it will go back to us. Look at our downtown area, during rainy season, it will easily get flooded. What happen to the tragedy that we had 2 years ago; garbage is definitely one of the reasons why we get floods easily this time.

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