If Only It Didn’t Always Get Busted

I missed my car yeah it has been two months already that I sell my car to my mechanic. I sell it because it is not practical anymore to have it since I always send it for repair. Recently, it seems like every week I am sending it to the repair shop and I always have to buy different parts and then I realized I needed to make a decision real soon before I will get drowned with my expenses for my car. And so I sell it with lesser price this time, the owner of the shop was the one who bought it, although he paid it split, it still okay for me than of not having to sell it at all.

Every time I commute now, I always remember my car. And sometimes I wish it still here with me and so I will just drive from the house to my work. If only it doesn’t get busted maybe I didn’t decide to sell it. I also miss driving, but in the second thought I can’t just drive and sleep while on the road. Yeah, whenever I lack of sleep, I will just dropped without me knowing that I already close my eyes. And it scared me off, maybe if I am going to drive and I didn’t have sleep I should have to drink coffee before going behind my wheels.

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