Wake Up!

The office already urged us to complete our requirements so I went to NBI right away after our training even I wanted to go home to get some sleep but then when I went there the lady in-charge said that I should be back on Friday because my certificate is not yet available, even though she is not checking if it is available or not.  I don’t have any choice but to follow what she said, but then when I was on my way home, actually I was just a few blocks away when I received a message from the office telling me that I should provide the certificate it’s either on Tuesday or Wednesday otherwise I will be pull up from the training due only for that requirement. So when I went home, I called the NBI office just to clarify if my certificate is really not available so I have something to say in the office. I was surprised when the person I talked on the phone said that my certificate is already available, I got too disappointed with the lady that I told the person over the phone that I just got there an hour back and the lady said that it is not available, maybe they should check their staffs because they are not doing their job. I mean, look I lived too far away from the agency only to find out that my certificate is already there. I almost cried when I ride in the Jeepney because I know I have to complain but I can’t because when I went there, they were still so busy and I could not find any complaint box so I can’t  just drop a letter to their good office about this staff. I can’t just shout there at the office and reiterated all my complains to them because that would be degrading to my part and to them as well. But I hope they would really check their employees because some of them are really not doing their job and instead they will just frustrations to us applicants.

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