I Lost The Beautiful Scenery

It was so early in the morning; it was actually 4:45 a.m., to be exact that I saw a moon in the sky. It was so perfect, it was big and round and it looks like it was laying over the Mount Apo, it was so beautiful that I can’t help but to take a picture of it. I even give my last glance to the scenery before I hailed a tricycle going to the Jeepney stop. I check my cellphone and the beautiful scenery was there. I always love taking pictures of moons; I guess I have numbers of picture of moon in my FB. I am not quite sure if you feel like I do but when I took pictures of a moon, I found it very peaceful. Just like this morning, it looks like the moon is lying peacefully on a mountain.

Anyway, I was ready to upload it in my Instagram account but when I checked the picture, it is not there anymore. I asked my niece if she deleted some pictures in my phone since she is the first one who borrowed it from me. She said she did not deleted even one picture, and she swears it. I hope I can still capture the same scenery tomorrow.

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