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Another Venue For Special Occasions

After I visited the South Pacific Clubhouse, I went immediately to Solariega clubhouse to check the venue. Oh well they have smaller space unlike the South Pacific but with the rental fee, they are almost the same. It is just the subdivision is more accessible if you are from Downtown. Their pool is only for leisure, which is perfect since you will not go there for training but for parties right? The swimming pool has different fees, unlike if you want to pay for the extra charge for the swimming pool.

 photo HPIM0137-1_zps11ca0583.jpg

This is one of the functions, they also have some function rooms. I was not able to take a picture of that but they do if you want it to be really exclusive.

 photo HPIM0140_zps4ffde3d5.jpg

This is a pathway, the reason that I was there is to check for if we can hide an eggs because the theme of the party that we supposed to have is Easter Bunny, or Easter Egg or whatsoever. This is perfect if the mechanic of your games is to hide things and the participants would look for it for the price. Just look at the plants and the grassy ground you can definitely hide things there, I am sure the participants would make it hard to find it.

 photo HPIM0141_zpsba791bc7.jpg

This is their pool, they actually have 2 pools in the clubhouse. And I guess the other one is for kids. I am sure everyone would love to have some splash especially when the weather is too muggy.

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