In One Place

I thought I could go to a new place this summer but April and now May would pass, it still didn’t come true. I’d been promised that we could have a family in your place, you keep on telling me it’s on the way but years had passed yet it didn’t come true. And now you retired, I thought this is it already we can be together, even though not in your place but it is okay, another place to complete a family would be a good idea. It was March that you said I have to take all the requirements needed and I gathered it all but still you didn’t come. I know there is something wrong, you can just tell me though. If you think that I really like to go to another country but you can’t afford it, well you are wrong I am okay if we stay here. Or maybe the reason why until now we are not together is because you don’t really wanna come. I am not a fool when you said your country is not good for the kids, whatever your reason, I don’t understand. Proving love is not all about the money sometimes your present can make this family intact in one place.

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