The Nature That We Could All Enjoy

It is sometimes nice to see green things, enjoying the peaceful place and running like Faith is doing in the picture below. It is also very inspiring to write in a place that is so grassy and has many trees. I bet you could write tons of article or story if you are a story writer and just a writer. When I write, even though I am not a good writer, will also looking for a nice spot to write. You could imagine things and write it down right away. It is also good for picnic when you are surrounded with trees and the ground has a green grassy to sit upon. Preparing your foods for your family would be a heaven feeling while you see them chasing each other and enjoying the nature. I love nature, I love green things especially if I am in the computer the whole day and the whole night, the only thing that could get rid of my red eyes would be staring in the green color. Faith was overly enjoying the nature; thank GOD she did not fall.

 photo DSCN7131_zps8a4e2807.jpg

Here’s my little tea pot running all over the place, see that smiles it is worth a million.

 photo DSCN7133_zps95562dc2.jpg

Here’s another shot of Faith, she’s ready now to chase some birds in the ground.

 photo DSCN7130_zps9590a8d7.jpg

Go my little darling enjoy the nature that offers free service just to make everyone’s happy.

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