I Miss Driving!

It has been almost a month now since I started to work, and it has been like 2 months already since I am not driving anymore. I sold the car just before April and I didn’t expect I will miss it and so as driving. Whenever I saw women driving their own car, it reminds me of myself driving also my vintage car. It makes me wish to turn back the time and I didn’t sell my car; it could still be with me now. But anyhow, we have to move on, I have to move on. I am saving now and I hope my savings would reach of what I desire so I can buy my own car. I know though that I will have to do all my best to save a little and that means I have to sacrifice some other things in order for me to come up with a certain amount so I can purchase what I love and what I have in mind. Good luck to me!

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