Global Picnic Arranged By The Company

The company is setting up a picnic for the whole employee this month, so even our certification is still on going and that we are not properly endorsed to the floor yet, they still invited us for this global picnic that will held in D’ Leonor on May 26th. We can bring one member of the family with me and we can add another family member as long as we will pay for the charges. I haven’t been to the place, I mean I went to a wave pool before but it was in a different spots although they said it is the same wave pool from before, it is just that they were not able to submit permit to start a business and so they have to close it down. Now they set up a new name and a new location for a wave pool but this time, it is far from a sea shore they have put up a big pool to accommodate the wave. The wave would last for one hour, so the guests can enjoy hitting the wave for one hour.

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