Red Knight

If I would choose a hotel for our short getaway with kids, I would choose the hotel in front of where I worked because I would never be late, but of course the kids like to go far from where we live. I was thinking Water front Hotel but that is too over priced so I looked for a hotel that is quiet yet affordable and so I looked for Red Knight Hotel. At first I thought it was so far, but when I went there it just near at work although the hotel was inside the village but it is still near where the highway is. I got there at night so let’s see how it is in the morning. Anyway, I spotted the apartelle like, it has 2 bedrooms and it has a small living room and a kitchen. I would probably cook there for the kids, SM Lanang is near the hotel so I can grocery shop a little for the weekend. One thing I like there is the WiFi available the whole area, so I can for sure do my blogging thing while the kids are enjoying staying in the hotel.

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