Short Getaway On June

As I mentioned in my other blog, my husband was able to find an affordable hotel for me and the kids to stay as our getaway for summer. My kids and I were not able to have a short vacation on summer because I got too busy with work. I know my kids missed it a lot, my niece Mariel kept on telling me for us to go to the beach sometime but I just don’t have time anymore. When my husband told me about the hotel, I went there right away it is his treat for us to wind at least. So on the 15th we will be there and probable would spend two nights there; the hotel has pool so my kids could enjoy it on weekend. The hotel offered free WiFi as well, so when we are just inside the Apartelle, we can get to enjoy the service. I would probably grocery shopping before going to the hotel because we choose the Apartele type so we can cook and we can also save some dime to eat at the restaurant. I am sure we all going to have a blast with our short getaway on the 15th.

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