Flooding All The Corners In Davao City

This is so horrible, every corner of Davao City got flooded! It was raining cats and dogs when I went out so I took a taxi cab then just to avoid being late at work. We could have choose to passed by along Diversion Road but I thought maybe we can still get through if we passed by at the main road but the taxi cab driver made a wrong turn, he went to a flooding area, I even asked him why did you pass here, it is flooding. He was just being silent about it so I just told him not to shift the gear otherwise we will be stuck there. When we were able to make it, the driver asked me right away if I know some street we can pass, so I suggested and he suggested then we came up to an idea. Oh well, I guess all the street in Davao is flooding, but good thing we were able to make it. I just have to talk so he can compose. It was a long journey along the flooding area, it was a very horrible experience though, and mostly of everyone at the call floor got late. Too bad weather for all of us!

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