Delayed Flight

My husband told me he is supposed to arrive on June 15 and not June 16 but his flight was delayed from Washington DC to Detroit. Delta tried to board him from Detroit to Georgia and from Georgia to Korea but it was delayed again. So what he did, he just rearranged the flight with the same schedule but to arrive on Sunday and not on Saturday. When he arrived in Manila, he called me right away that he is already at the airport in Manila and tried to look for restaurant so he can take his dinner. The kids didn’t know he would arrive; I went to the airport so early in the morning to fetch my husband. Just when I arrived at the airport he went out from the gate and saw me. We were so excited to go back at the hotel to surprise the kids. When we went inside the Apartele, the kids are still sleeping. I woke up Faith and Faith grew her eyes so big. Finally her Daddy is here

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