My husband has been looking for a car online; I didn’t want to have a new car at first because I am already okay with riding in a jeepney. But he was so eager to look for a car, we looked around downtown but those were very expensive, we could not afford it at all. Until he saw a sportage car in the website, he called my attention right away and I texted the owner right away. We met up at the Save More to check the car, the car looks nice and the sound of the engine seems okay. It is just the window is busted sometimes and the lock of the car. But everything else seems working alright. I am so excited but as well nervous with my car but oh well I don’t have any choice but to drive this sporty car since we paid for it right away. My husband and my youngest daughter is my first passenger at the back, Faith was so happy to ever ride a nice car. All the kids wanted me to send them to school right away but I just told them in the next few days yet.

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