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Disneyland When Can We Come To You?

Ever since Faith was still 2 or 3 years old, she already wished she could come there. Whenever it is advertised in Disney Channel before she would jump and feel so excited, and she is already asking for it. Now that we already subscribe for Sky Cable and she chooses the Disney Junior than the other one, they still advertised the Disneyland Faith would still get so excited. Yesterday we have a quiet talk about Disneyland when it was shown again in the TV.

Faith: Mama, Mama Look can we go to Disneyland?

I was surprised because she already mentioned the name of the place

Me: What are we going to do in Disneyland?

Faith: We will visit Mickey Mouse and can we also get some ride? See the big castle and fireworks?

So for me to just end the conversation because I was busy swiping the floor, I just said

Me: Okay

Faith: Do you know the way?

Me: Oh no Faith, we have to ride on a plane

Faith: So we will just tell the airplane guy to go to Disneyland?

Me: Yeah but first we need to ask Daddy.

Faith: Yehey!

Yes, it has been a while and always that Faith mentioned about going to Disneyland, the one that advertised on TV is just in Hongkong yet we can’t afford to go. I always told myself to save so we can travel but it always goes to something else like emergency. How I wish on Faith’s birthday we can set to go and see Disneyland, I too is wishing to see Cinderella, Snow White and the like.

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Post Card Paris

During the bloggers meet up one Saturday, I have given the chance to receive this nice post card from one of the bloggers who attended the meet up. And so I had a very sumptuous dinner that day plus the post card. I haven’t went or travel outside the country and so to receive this post card is more than a privilege, I thank you to Shy for giving me this beautiful post card, and it is really a great honor to meet your darling daughter. I hope we can meet up again some other time.

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How I wish and I am still wishing I can travel around the world including Paris and meet Paris Hilton? Joke, lol I mean at least travel some place in Asia though, wherever as long as it is outside the country.

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The Next Family Travel

The next time we travel I am sure my eldest will be looking for some accessories with her guitar; she really loves the music and just forgot about her training. I knew one place that sells guitar and some music instrument like drums and the like. I think we will go there to check, but if I would buy a drum, I would surely picked the classic alesis drums at musicians friend because they are more advanced and have the best popular percussion. Anyway, this is only plan for the next family travel but if my eldest would know this I am pretty sure she would bother me as when this would happen. How I wish it would realize and my husband will be with us, we will both enjoy then looking for some accessories and instrument for our kids.

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I Know Where I Will Be Staying While Waiting

Waiting for Faith at school is very tiring aside from the muggy that you could experience in the Parents hall, I feel bored as well. I don’t know anyone there so I have no one to talk to, I mean I knew some parents there but I am shy to talk to them. So since it is so hot to stay in the parents’ hall, I looked for means for a place for me to stay at least 2 hours. And so I found a Global Center in SM, and for me to stay there to relax I have to be a member. I already paid last week and today I should be enjoying the relaxing moment. It is free to browse there as well; they have 2 computers available for the member to use. They also have a free ice tea and free coffee. So since I have a tablet, I could browse and update my Facebook without using the computer. It is better that way because it seems the 2 computers are always occupied. So to avoid sweating while waiting for my youngest, I will have to drive to SM to relax.

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