Sent Daddy To The Airport Today

Today is a sad day for all of us here, because we just sent Daddy to the airport tonight. His flight is 10:15 in the evening; all of us were there to send him to the departure area. When Daddy looked for his itinerary inside the bag, I was praying it was left at home but yeah it wasn’t left, it was just in the pocket of the bag. He looked for it there first but he seemed could not find it maybe he is also resisting going. Faith thought she could be with him in the plane so she was just running around and make us all laugh. But when Daddy went inside the departure area for checked in the bags, she started to cry and said she will miss his Daddy.

Goodbye in the airport is just so heavy at heart. I wanted to hold him back but I can’t, he needs to go back in the states for his laser surgery. He promised us though he will come back in 2 months. And we will ride in the plane together to Manila, this time when he go back, there will be no GOODBYE and hoping this will be the last.

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