Invited For Team Building

It is a good thing that my team mates still invited me for their first team building at the beach. They were planning to hold it in Paradise Island on Sunday. I am confused whether to bring the kids with me or not, but I’ll think about it later. What should I bring on the said party? I am still not deciding, oh well I don’t have any specialty for cooking so I might bring a cake from red ribbon again or maybe I will just order there, let’s see. I hope this team building would be lots of fun that I can forget my weariness I felt when Daddy left for the state. And I wish also that my friends who also resigned after me, would go there so we can have lots of good times at least before I would face seriously being a SAHM here, sending and fetching kids to and from school. And oh, I hope they have lots of serve foods so we will not be starving just like before.

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