No Carpool Anymore

Ever since I resigned from work, I am the one already sending my youngest daughter to school. Sister Merlyn, the Aunt of Faith is not coming here anymore she is already busy with her store. She will just be here on Wednesday and Saturday to do the laundry, now to save the carpool monthly fees; I would drive my youngest daughter to school and from school going home. At first it was a bit hard; I thought Faith could be pain in the butt by bothering me while driving. Daddy brought her a DVD player so she has something to watch in the car. It was a good idea though because Faith finds it very entertaining, and I am free from her being kulit.

But one day, she was grounded for not behaving at school. I asked her teacher and her teacher said she did not behave, so I told her she could not have TV, no computer, no DVD player and no cellphone. I thought I will have problem of her behind me  but I was so surprised that she just so behave that if I won’t look at her in the front mirror, I wouldn’t know that I have a passenger in my back.

So far I am doing well of sending her and fetching her from school. I don’t have any problem at all, I just have to concentrate in my driving and that’s it. How I wish I could also send my eldest daughter to her school but I know I can’t.

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