Travel And Field Trips

I thought that the air craft that crashed landed in LAX San Francisco has no fatalities; I saw the images first in FB when a friend posted the picture but I just ignore the news, I didn’t read the entire news since I know how techie they are and how quickly they would respond with this kind of emergency. San Francisco International airport is the one of the biggest airport in the whole world, and I mean they are equipped enough to handle this kind of happenings but it was unexpected that the two students were killed in the accident. Two students were killed; both are 16 years old, their teachers said they were heading to summer camps. Both are very competitive, so young yet they were not able to continue their dreams because of the accident.

Remember the bus tragedy in Baguio? Students and some teachers were out for a field trip but on their way home, the bus collided into another 2 vehicles. Six students and one teacher died on the said accident, the Dep ED were alarmed for this accident and so they announced of no field trip policy in Universities and School. The accident in Baguio was the 2nd accident due field trips, the first one was a student hit badly by a bus that the school hired for their field trip, the student was said to be in front of the bus.

When my youngest school announced that the next field trip will be no parents allowed together with the preschoolers. I did not approved, good thing that they are sending letters for those who would like to allow their preschoolers to attend the annual field trip, the letter is said not to be compulsory. So I will not send my kid to the field trip this year, I mean I guess no parents could be comfortable with this policy after all.

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