While I Am Behind The Wheel

When I decided to stop working and decided to send my youngest daughter alone, I was a bit worried I mean I know Faith she could not composed inside the car but I have to try driving her alone so to cut off our expenses. If I would drive her to school, I will no longer hire a carpool for her, the moment my husband went back to Maryland I tried driving Faith but on our way to school I have my sister with her. However on our way home from school, sister has to go away to grocery shop for their Sari Sari Store. I was nervous and worried to drive Faith but thanks to the player that my husband bought because she enjoyed watching movie a lot, she divert her attention through the movie she watch in the player. I thank GOD that my youngest daughter on that day did not bother me while I am driving. One day, the player ran out of battery, yet I was so amazed that Faith did not make an extra movement behind me, or never did she disturb me while I was behind a wheel. As the days passed by, my daughter proved me that she is not that over hyper after all. I didn’t expect that I could drive her but look at me now, I proved it that I can, I did it!

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