FHR Before And Now

My family and I had an outing years ago on my birthday at Forest Hill, I am not sure though if the nice play ground in front of the resort was already there but I just notice it now when my team mates invited me for team building just recently. It was nice that if you have kids with you on your next outing you would definitely drop by at that area. It is not only a playground ground though but the whole place is very pleasant that you might want to pose for a while in different spots within the area. I was not able to bring my camera at that time, geez how can I be so forgetful? I might take a picture of this spot in front of the resort. Oh well my TL took a picture of it and I just snag this picture in FB.

 photo 969316_10200693271992496_478394177_n_zpsbdc57008.jpg

And below were our pictures years and years ago, 2009 to be exact. Sigh how I wish I can organize another outing like this with my family I so miss having them around. I know we were just living within the city but it seems like it is hard for all of us to gather like this anymore not to mention the budget because if I would organize this kind of event, I might be the one to shoulder all the expenses including the entrance.

 photo cats_zpsb474b936.jpg

Now this is the cutest, of course my little darling who had so much fun with the water, she was only 1 year old at this time and yet it is already obvious that she loves water a lot. I am not sure though if she would follow her sister’s footsteps and that is to become a swimmer, I hope if she will do she will continue until college.

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