A Dream In Downtown

I went out one morning and learned that it was raining outside. Our neighbor was also outside in their house and even told me that the rain was weird because it looks like snow. The rain drops is glittering and there something on it, I went to my work before and I saw some of my friends, they asked me if I was able to get my last salary and I said I did not. Just near the company I worked for, there was a beach resort but I learned that it was full of ice. Later when the sun started to raise the ice melted, we hailed a Jeep going to a restaurant. My friend invited me for lunch. On our way there, I saw a twister coming it was little at first but when it approaches us, it became bigger. And since it would go to our direction, we went down from the Jeepney and ran to the opposite way. I suggested hugging a coconut tree once we will blow away but my friend said we can even tear some parts of the coconut tree that we get near to, obviously the tornado can twist it apart too. And then somebody called me, the voice was coming from nowhere, I heard somebody knocking at the door but how come I can hear a knock while we were in downtown striving so hard. I closed my eyes and open it for once and I realized I am on my bed and my niece knocked in our bedroom saying we don’t have water. Yeah it was only but a dream in downtown.

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