Subscribing To Get Discounts

I subscribe these discounts online for hotels and flights, I am so happy that they did not forget to email when there is promotions for a certain hotel or airline. I whispered to myself finally I can travel outside the country with discounts but to my disappointment every time I open the promotion it would lead me to their website and the amount is totally different at all. My husband said I may need to delete some emails because it might load up or overload, I already did that but I still don’t see the amount that they are promoting. Although yes even though the price does not match with my email when I am directed to their website, they still have a tremendous discounted fare or hotel rates. But I still want the one they emailed me; maybe I’ll have to wait more until I grab the chance. Besides I am not in a hurry to book for flights or hotel, I know my fortune would come for traveling outside the country. I’ll have to patiently wait for the right time.

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