Dance Entertainment In The Mall

When we watched the Despicable Me, the cinema was full loaded so we have to wait for like hours just to wait for the first one to finish. We were not able to get inside the movie house right away, thus I decided to grocery shop while waiting and I just let the kids and sister to play bowling near the cinema, it is free, it is like for every ticket they can play bowling. I am not sure though if how many hours they will be able to play. After we grocery shop, Mariel was with me as she did not join them at the bowling center, the line was so long going to the movie house. Yeah many waited for the movie. While we were standing in our line, we saw a girl playing the dance craze; Faith was so amazed with how fast the lady was. Faith wanted to join the girl who danced so fast but of course we don’t want to disturb the girl so we stopped Faith.

The dance game in the mall is totally entertaining especially when we have to wait for something or someone to arrive, this is a good past time while waiting. It’s good for sweating as well, though you need to bring extra clothes because I am sure you will get smelly after that. On the other hand here’s my little teapot who was not able to hold herself as she really want to try this dance craze even though the game is not starting as we did not inserted a coin. LOL! Yeah she is just pretending that it is working.


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