The Most Lethal Influenza Viruses

Do you still remember the flu H1N1 before, geez it really scared the heck out of me. I am always worried when I send off Mj to school, yes the virus did not come from here in PI but it is from the traveler outside the PI. Even though the airport was very strict tracking with that virus, there are still some travelers who were left undetected and was able to enter the country then later they found out that this certain traveler got sick and catch the H1N1 virus. It was a mere flu though but the people were very panic at that time but soon the panic fades as Doctors introduces some preventions for us specially to the kids.

Now just this March of this year, China found out a new flu virus and it was just broke four months ago. It is called H7N9, and it said to be the most lethal influenza viruses. The people were informed to be very careful, which is why I told my husband not to reroute in China when he travels again, I mean I know there is no hard evident that it could be transmitted from human to human, but it is better to prevent than to just finding out later that he catch some viruses from the plane. 130 people already infected with this virus in China and 37 died because of this infection. I guess I heard news of this before about this virus and so the airport in Manila is once again strictly checking all the passengers to detect a fever and so they are advised for quarantine. It is July now though but everyone is still calmed so I guess we are not that affected with this virus unlike before that the school announced of suspension of classes due to the outbreak.

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